Avoid These Foods to Avoid Cancer

We do not often think of our food as a source of possible illness. But the truth is, everything we consume can and does affect our bodies. Here are some foods that are known to cause cancer. First, anything genetically modified is a big no no. Genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s as health experts refer to them, cause cancer. The problem is that they are everywhere and in everything, which is frustrating. To avoid them, tap into organic food and locally grown foods (since they tend to be grown without biotechnology).

yikes!Another food that can cause cancer is processed meats. I had to learn this: most processed meats, like bacon and hot dogs, have chemicals that make them appear fresh. But these chemicals that are added can also cause cancer. According to naturalnews.com, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are linked to increasing the risk of colon cancer and other forms of cancer as well. Grass fed meats tend to be a better option, or go vegetarian or vegan! (Before all the vegans in the house say, “I told you so,” processed faux meat is just as bad, if not worse that processed meat. Eat natural).

Just like processed meats, soda has been linked to cancer. It is full of sugar, coloring, food chemicals and thus it acidifies the body and feeds cancer cells, literally!

Next is something you probably never even thought would be dangerous: microwave popcorn. The popcorn itself is not bad for you. If you eat air popped popcorn, your chances of getting cancer are slim. However, microwave popcorn with butter and all the fancy works. The microwave popcorn is lined with chemicals that cause infertility and also testicular, liver and pancreatic cancer.

Not only is soda bad for you, but so is diet soda. According to the Fat Loss Factor, European Food Safety Authority has had over 20 separate studies showing that aspartame, a common sweetener in diet soda (and regular soda, too) causes birth defects and cancer. Splenda has also been linked to causing cancer.

Refined flour is also another potential cancer causing food. Using it in excess can cause cancer. Regular consumption of refined flour, according to Epidemiology, Mile Markers, and Prevention found that refined carbohydrates was linked to a 220 percent increase in chances of getting breast cancer among women. The food has high glycemic levels which also have a connection to raising blood sugar levels in the body and thus directly feeds cancer.

Refined sugars are also another cancer causing foods. They raise insulin levels and feed growth of cancer cells. If you think you are not consuming that much sugar, look carefully at packages of food and look for high fructose corn syrup. It tends to be used in a lot of food. Unfortunately, it tends to be found in cookies, cakes, sodas, juices, cereals, and other foods. Cancer cells metabolize high fructose corn syrup quickly to reproduce. We do not want that, right? So, read the food packages. Avoid high fructose corn syrup as much as you can.

If you think eating fruits is the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth, my only warning is to make sure that the fruits are pesticide free. Apples, grapes, and strawberries are among the offenders. Buying your fruit organic or verified to be pesticide free can help you avoid cancer. Otherwise, the pesticides are a major cancer causing risk.

Another cancer causing food is hydrogenated oils which change the structure of cell membranes in the body. They tend to be used to preserve processed food and keep them on the shelves for longer periods of time. Trans fats are still used with processed foods, even though manufacturers are trying to stop using hydrogenated oils and use palm oil and other non-cancer causing alternatives.

Although avoiding all of these foods is a good idea, it won’t necessarily prevent you from developing cancer.  Visit this site to learn more ways to prevent cancer.

Neurological Benefits of Broccoli

If someone told you that there are many health benefits of broccoli – would you really second guess them? Chances are you have already made the generalization of broccoli being a healthy food and you may have attributed this because it is a green vegetable, or maybe just because you do not like the taste and that is an all too common occurrence when you eat healthy foods. Well, maybe what you really need is a bit more convincing on the true health benefits that you can achieve if you make the effort and add broccoli to your diet.

So, instead of focusing on just a single or a few benefits of eating broccoli, we are going to knock down 10 quick benefits that strongly show the benefits of eating broccoli.

These tips all come from the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program

1. The potassium content in broccoli is very effective in keeping the health of your nervous system up to par, maintains muscle growth ability in relation to the nervous system, and promotes optimal brain health and functioning as well.

2. You can get your required daily amount (RDA) of vitamin C by just consuming one cup of broccoli. The vitamin C content is very beneficial to the body as well, considering that it helps fight free radicals. This will make your body more effective at fighting sickness and will make the common cold much less damaging to your daily health.

3. If you have any sun damage, consuming broccoli can help with repairing it due to the glucoraphanin contents as glucoraphanin helps with detoxifying the skin and repairing it.

4. Blood pressure can be regulated more effectively when broccoli is a constant part of your diet. This is due to the fact that eating broccoli regularly will allow you to consistently intake sufficient levels of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which are helpful with blood pressure regulation.

5. Broccoli contains carotenoid lutein, which is known for its’ ability in decreasing the risk of eye disorders from developing. The vitamin A content in broccoli is also helpful as it promotes and assists with retinal formation.

6. Carotenoid lutein is also effective with preventing arteries from thickening within the body. This makes broccoli an effective food to help with heart disease and stroke prevention. These and other heart conditions may also be less likely to occur due to the folate and vitamin B6 contents found in broccoli.

7. Broccoli is seen as a helpful food to add into any weight loss diet, and for more reasons than just the facts that it’s filling and low in calories. Broccoli is rich in fiber, which is directly related to digestion, helps with keeping a lower blood sugar level, and helps to prevent overeating – all of which are highly beneficial when on a weight loss diet.

8. Bone health may be improved by regularly consuming broccoli due to the richness of vitamin K and calcium. Not only can they help to improve your bone health, but they can also help reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis as well.

9. A decent size serving of broccoli will contain sufficient levels of beta-carotene and other trace minerals to effectively help improve the defensive ability of your immune system.

10. Last, but definitely not least, broccoli contains an ingredient (glucoraphanin) which transitions in the body into an anti-cancer and ultimately eliminates a bacterium from the body that is known to promote gastric cancer development. Also, indole-3-carbinol is found in broccoli and is beneficial to your health as it reduces many types of cancer growth and improves liver health as well.

So there is a quick list of 10 health benefits of adding broccoli to your diet. Now, with the risk-to-benefit comparison being made, how many reasons can you think of to fight the argument of broccoli being bad in your diet? Chances are, your only real concern is the taste and this is something you can fight past or modify by trying different recipes. Simply put, the health benefits of broccoli are immense so it is definitely a top choice of green vegetable to consume in moderate to high amounts on a regular basis.